Artusi Ristorante introduces ‘Artusi Lunch Express’

Artusi Ristorante Gurgaon introduces ‘Artusi Lunch Express’:

If it’s not fast, it’s free !


~On offer is a premium Italian Lunch @ 990++~


What: Artusi Ristorante Gurgaon introduces Lunch Express

When: Available for lunch on weekdays

Where:  Artusi Ristorante, Plaza Level, Two Horizon Center, Golf Course Road,, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

Price:Rs 990/- ++

Artusi Ristorante Gurgaon – the Italian fine dining restaurant has introduced ‘Artusi Lunch Express’ on weekdays to ensure a great dining experience is not sacrificed only due to lack of time, with the promise of delivering a multi-course lunch with 15 minutes of placement. If not, the lunch will be on the house.

Artusi Lunch Express allows discerning customers and aficionados to sample some of the finest cuisine from Italy within the regularity of office hours but without the stress of time. The daily pre-selected menu offers guests a choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options for a three course meal including special homemade desserts and ice-creams as fast as within 15 minutes of placing the order. Lunch Express always includes their fresh salad or delectable soup, and a main that often sports one their home-made award winning pastas, as well as one of their well-known signature desserts, like their famous Panna Cotta or their Tiramisu.

Customers can now sit in the elegant ambience of Artusi Ristorante at the plaza of One Horizon Centre on Golf Course Road in Gurgaon and delight their taste buds with the flavours of authentic Italian fare from the Emilia-Romagna region. Young professionals and corporate executives who are looking for world-class Italian cuisine on-the-go don’t have far to go now – and considering the Artusi Lunch Express menu changes every day, the discovery of fine Italian cuisine within the lunch break is just 15 minutes away, every-day!

Lunch Express Menu is prepared within 15 minutes and is on offer on weekdays at a special introduction price of Rs 990/- ++

Available at Artusi Ristorante in Gurgaon.

About Artusi

ARTUSI Ristorante, the Italian fine-dine restaurants located in Delhi and Gurgaon. The restaurants’ one and only objective is to serve the best Italian food there is to offer! The cuisine in both the restaurants is not just authentic Italian, its authenticity is specific to a single region in Italy, a region called Emilia-Romagna with its capital Bologna. The Italian owners and chef hail from the Emilia Romagna region and consistently focus on what they truly love and do best I.e.  rigorous selection of highest quality imported products and handmade in-house Italian delicacies. For the last three years, ARTUSI RISTORANTE has been crowned by Times of India as the Best Italian Fine Dining Restaurant in Delhi and in 2018 for both Delhi and Gurgaon, across five-star properties and stand-alone restaurants alike. In December 2017 Condé Nast ranked it #8 Top Restaurant in India and #1 Italian Restaurant in India on its Top 50 Restaurants list. It also a winner of the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence. Most recently, ARTUSI RISTORANTE was awarded Best Italian restaurant in India at the Epicurean Guild Award 2018.

My Experience

Artusi Ristorante is a fine dine restaurant located in Gk2 M block Market. The restaurant has a courteous staff who make sure we have a complete fine dine experience.

The menu is massive, and customisation can be made according to preference. We started with the Tomino ( cheese melted over a toasted bread sautéed mushrooms with a glaze of truffle oil) this was a signature dish and was impressive and should not be missed by vegetarians. We also tried the Ferro salad ( lettuce salad with grapes, raisins, pears , goat cheese , topped with wine nuts, olive oil, & balsamic vinegar) another signature salad which was also really delectable. We also ordered Genovese ( French beans, potatoes,cherry tomatoes & grilled chicken with mayo dressing).

For the mains we requested for Strozzapreti e Melanzane in a Alfredo sauce it was creamy and quite perfect just the way I prefer, and The Classic Penne Arrabbiata with chunks of chicken. We coupled our food with some drinks like the Adam eve, Ginger Fizz, Virgin Bellini, Passion Fruit Spritzer.

The happy meal was concluded with some mouth watering desserts like The Panna Cotta, Affogato, Cioccolato Nero e scorza di arabica. I totally loved, the Panna cotta which was a very eye catchy dessert and beautiful plated with figs and crunchy almonds.

In an all I had a superb experience. One must try out this place for a great experience.


Stomp N Chomp at K3 JW MARRIOTT

Spent my Sunday afternoon at The K3, Jw Marriott. K3 is the all-day dining restaurant has been fashioned like a food theatre with three LIVE kitchens displaying three distinct cuisines: North Indian, Cantonese and Tuscan. Each kitchen offers authentic cuisine, specially handcrafted by our three specialty chefs. The restaurant also has a special al fresco service with an open bar that serves as a juice bar in the morning and a wine bar in the evenings, and provides you one of the best hospitality, with some scrumptious preparations.

I happen to visit for a Sunday brunch at Stomp N Chomp event held during Sunday Brunch, where we could stomp and squish and enjoy the traditional grape stomping ceremony and enjoy the bounty of the season highlighted through the food served.

The event was followed by a massive Feast!!! Liked yes I was drooled over by the great variety of starters, mains & the eye catchy desserts paired up with some drinks. The seating is huge wand can accommodate a lot of people I happen to visit on a busy day but still the service was on time and everything prepared was fresh and delicious.

As the name suggests K3 it’s a beautiful place to get some Indian, Cantonese ( Pan Asian / Chinese), Tuscan ( Italian) food cravings sorted.

Since I’m crazy Cantonese food lover I got myself a huge portion of some lip smacking Dimsum totally loved the preparation as chef was preparing it fresh and the combination was delicious my personal favourite was Prawn & Chicken with Chilli oil.

I thoroughly enjoyed my starters, and for the mains I planned to try the Indian section. Which included some Traditional Mutton Biryani, Creamy devious butter Chicken the quintessential combination can never ever go wrong. Totally loved the flavours.

I ended my happy lazy Sunday lunch with some delectable desserts which included Caramel custard, Chocolate cupcake,Chocolate mousse, Macaroons, Tiramisu, Mango pudding, crème brûlée.

I had a great time at the K3 spent my Sunday well happily with a soul satisfying meal. K3 serves All Day Food & non-alcoholic beverages from 0100 hours to 2300 Hours (1am to 11pm) and serves liquor from 1100 Hours to 0100 hours (11am to 1am).  

Pan Asian at Sheraton New Delhi brings the best of Thai cuisine at the Bangkok Street Food Festival

The Food festival is a special culinary food trail made by expert chef Kluaywan Junsawat. Thai  food has a reputation for being spicy however it is actually based on a  balance  between different flavors including spicy, sour, sweet, salty,and  bitter. This  goes  beyond  simply  combining  the  flavors  within  an individual dish to incorporate the contrast in flavors between two or three-different  dishes.  One  distinctive  aspect  is the use of fresh herbs and spices.  Thai  food  is  also  influenced by neighboring countries, such as China, Laos, Burma, and Malaysia.

Thailand is the world’s largest exporter of rice. Hence, rice is the staple food  and is had with most meals, from breakfast to dessert. The most esteemed Thai rice is Jasmine Rice, sweet-smelling long-grain rice.  Served steamed,  jasmine  rice  is  the  finest  rice  to  accompany  most dishes, including Thai curries.

While  noodle  dishes  are  quite  common  in  Thailand (it is an influencebrought by Chinese migrants) most Thai dishes are stir fried or grilled and served with rice. As  Thai  meals  are typically served family style, with all diners , a  Thai  curry  or  soup  is  usually  ordered  with a meal.  The consistency  of  each  Thai curry varies widely, with some curries arguably classifiable  as  soups.  However, most Thai curries are coconut milk-based and  some  are spicier than others. While Thai curries are shared and meantto  be  ladled over rice, soups are served communally with diners receiving small  bowls  to eat out of.  Although some curries and soups can be served without  meat for vegetarians, many Thai cooks put fish sauce in all dishes as it’s the Thai substitute for salt.

The dishes what I tried were a perfect amalgamation of some yummy and tasty flavours I would highly recommend to try out Grilled stuffed chicken wings (Gai yed Sai) Grilled chicken balls with yam sauce (luckhin yang), Chicken thick Red Thai curry (Penang curry) Egg wrapped pad Thai noodles !!!

I would highly recommend this place for your to try out for some authentic pan Asian flavours!!

The festival is on from 1.03.2018 to 9.03.2018 at Pan Asian @Sheraton New Delhi available at both Lunch & Dinner.

Winters and coffee at the newly revamped Costa Coffee, SDA

COSTA COFFE – The Home Of Irresistible Coffee

Since our inception in 1971, we have been a brand synonymous with great coffee and good times. Our heritage is built upon the unique Mocha Italia blend, perfected by selecting and buying our own beans. These great quality beans are then converted into consistently irresistible coffee by our team, which leaves the customer always smiling.

Our top priority has been and is serving the customer unforgettable coffee and memories.


In the interest of keeping things fresh like our coffee, we designed to revamp our stores in SDA and Green Park. The objective was simple. We wanted to give our customers a new experience. We decided to serve a selection of handcrafted food and beverages. The ‘Everything’s New Menu’ had some choice delights to offer including our refreshing chai, delectable samosas, London style carrot cake, salted caramel brownie and so much more.

In addition to the sweet and savoury quick bites, we also presented a range of sandwiches ranging from classics like Tomato Mozzarella Basil to Indian palette favourites such as Chicken and Paneer Tikka Sandwiches.

And we didn’t stop just there. We offered a selection of viennoiserie such as pulled chicken and cinnamon roll. We created a range of new breads and imported 10 types of cheese to give our new menu that extra something.

The biggest influence for this wave of change in our food, was the precious feedback from our customers over the years. After all, it’s their happiness that counts for us.



• Costa have perfected their Mocha Italia blend over the last 40 years.

• It uses a blend of Arabica and Robusta beans.

• These beans come from several different countries – our exact recipe is a closely guarded secret.

• We use traditional Italian style drum roasters so the beans just roast in hot air.

• We slow roast our coffee in small batches of around 300kg and at temperatures between 200 – 240°C for between 18 and 22 minutes.

• Slower than a flame roasting process and more costly, but better quality.

• Beans are sealed in special air tight bags once roasted and the one way release valve on the front of the bag allows all the naturally produced gases to escape. This maintains the quality of the coffee.

From Cup to Community

At Costa, we’re as passionate about being a responsible business as we are about great coffee. So we’re doing all we can to make sure that serving a perfect coffee means serving a more responsible one.

We are committed to looking after coffee-growers and their environment. So in 2006, we set up the Costa Foundation to help provide children access to education and ensure that the people who grow our coffee and the land they grow it on, are carefully supported and sustained.

As a result, we source 100% of our unique Mocha Italia blend from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ Farms.


1. Entire new range of costa food has been rolled out basis customer feedback over last few yrs

2. New Breads and imported cheeses for sandwiches (10 types)

o Indian flavours like tandoori chicken tikka + paneer tikka

o Classics like tomato mozzarella basil

3. Belgian couverture chocolate in the cakes

4. London style carrot cake – Classic british (with walnuts + cinnamon+ butter icing)

5. Viennoiserie like pulled chicken and cinnamon roll




Tamra, at Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel, New Delhi brings to its patrons an authentic Pan Asian food pop-up. With the culinary skills of Chef Lai Kuan Geo and Sous Chef Whangeen, the festival is geared up to bring authentic Pan-Asian flavours from the diverse parts of Asia to the heart of Delhi as a part of their festive offerings. Chef Kuan has travelled to multiple continents showcasing his artistic expertise and learning from the cultural diversity the countries have to offer. His dishes are inspired by the countries he has travelled to such as Cape Town, Kuala Lampur, Thailand, Mauritius, Istanbul and Vietnam.

The festival offers a unique experience made with centuries-old traditional cooking practices meant to bring together highest quality ingredients and a blend of spices and give the traditional holiday feast an Asian twist. IMG_4828 The buffet menu is a palate-pleasing combination of global flavours, which makes Pan-Asian food a delight to savor. Guests can indulge in dishes like Nyonya style sour prawn curry, Hainanese chicken rice, Lamb Rendang curry with roasted rice cake, Hanoi crispy crab spring roll with lemon grass chill jam,inched chicken salad, also No guilt desserts are also there among many others.  


About Chef Lai Kuan Geo: Born in a Chinese family in the melting pot culture in Malaysia, Chef Kuan’s inclination towards food is inspired by his parents who are connoisseurs for good food and were fond of cooking.

His mother’s big pot of fragrant coconut jasmine rice with savory spicy Nasi Lemak Chilli touched his heart and thereafter he began his journey as a chef. He started his culinary career with the Chinese Dining Room and the Prestige Private Club in Kuala Lumpur in 1988 and has an experience of almost 3 decades.IMG_4838

In 1992, he launched his first ever restaurant – L’orient, a South East Asian restaurant, which had set a fashionable food trend in his mother city.

He specializes in Nyonya cuisine, which is the result of blending Chinese ingredients with various distinct spices and cooking techniques.

His international stints include Executive Chef at Arabella Sheraton Grand Hotel in Cape Town, Executive Chef at Le Meridien Chian Rai in Kuala Lampur, Asian Specialist Consultant at Heritage Telfaor Resort in Mauritius, Principle Consultant at Fairmont Quasar in Instanbul. He has won multiple awards for his contribution to the culinary world and has been a Celebrity Chef Judge and host for TV productions in Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.

Chef Kuan has travelled the world that has enabled him to discover the beauty of food and ethnicity of different cultures. His biggest dream as a chef is to inspire people to value food and cooking from different perspectives. 


Dates:23rd December 2017 (Saturday) to 30th December 2017 (Saturday)​