Things you should order next at Starbucks, India

1) Duo Cocoa Mocha which blends the smooth and velvety flavors of dark and white chocolate with the richness of our signature espresso. This chocolate lover’s heaven !! 

2) Salted Caramel Mocha combines espresso with a deep chocolate flavor and sweet toffee nut syrup. It’s finished with a combination of whipped cream, caramel sauce and a blend of Turbinado natural cane sugar and Sea Salt. Highly recommend this loved the flavour of the sea salt ! 
3) Herbs & Mashed Potato Pie Buttery mashed potato pie seasoned with herbs for a hearty snack.

4) Salmon Toast Slices of smoked salmon garnished with olives and capers served on healthy whole-wheat bread, along with tangy cream cheese dip and a boiled egg for a power meal that’s delicious and 
5)Tiramisu Freshly make homemade dessert which youcan’t miss ! One of the best Tiramisu I had.




Domino’s  has been our love to taste buds in New Delhi since 1996. After establishing a renowned name after 21 years Dominos Badal Gaya ! Yes you have heard it right Domino’s  Badal Gaya. 

From Huge Size Topping, Softer Crust, Extra Cheese,The All New Domino’s is a treat to your taste buds. 

This New Avatar of the pizza is beyond imgaination. The pizza now no longer has less toppings and you don’t have to struggle with the crust, even if you comsume your pizza little late.

The soft crust with some extra cheese & huge toppings with those big slices of Pizza, is absolute treat to your taste buds.

So what are you waiting for ? Get yourself a warm box of #AllNewDominos with some seasoning & a huge glass of Coke, to have a great a weekend ahead !!  

Indian Sweets which can never go wrong ! 

The happiness and satasifaction you get after eating these Indian Sweets is just priceless !

  • RASMALAI: One of the most loved infian dessert which is called as an indian cheesecake without a crunchy crust. Main ingredients Chenna, Malai & Sugar. Best places in Delhi where you will get Rasmalai Bengal Sweet House, Halidram, Standard Milk Products.
  • SPOONGY RASGULLA : A syrupy dessert widely popular in India now. This dessert had intially originated from West Bengal & Odisha. Main ingredients Chenna & Sugar. Best places in Delhi where you will get Rasgulla Om Sweet Shop, Bikanervala, Haldiram’s, Standard Milk Products, Bengal Sweet House, Kamala Sweets
  • PIPING HOT GULAB JAMUN : Milk Solid based sweet widely popular imdian dessert to gorge on be it a shahdi or a buffet Gulab Jamun is widely loved by all ! Main ingredients Khoya, Milk, Ghee, Sugar. Best places to eat Gulab Jamun in Delhi Chaina Ram, Shyam Sweets, Anupam Sweets
  • MOONG DAL HALWA : The king of Indian Weddings is our very favorite Moong Dal Halwa. Makn ingredients Sugar, Ghee, Moong Dal. Best places to eat Moong Dal Halwa in Delhi are Bikanervala, Haldiram. 
  • MOTICHOOR LADOO : Motichoor ladoo are made of fine boondi balls. Main ingredients Boondi, Sugar, Ghee. Best places to eat Motichoor ladoo in Delhi Bikanervala, Tewari Brothers, Chaina Ram. 
  • JALEBI WITH RABRI : The old classic combimatiom can never ever go wrong. The crispy hot Jalebis served wiyh Rabris is a delight to the tastebuds. Main ingredients Flour, Saffron, Ghee, Sugar & for Rabri Milk. Best places to have Jalebi with Rabri Old Famous Jalebiwala, Prankster ( gurgum).
  • PHIRNI : Also known as Rice Pudding is a dessert so soft that it just melts in your mouth leaving behind some yummy flavours. Main ingredients Rice, Milk. Best places to eat Phirni in Delhi Karim’s, Zaffran, Biryani by Kilo. 
  • KAJU KATLI : Also known as Kaju ki Burfi is an indian desserts which we can’t afford to forget. Makn ingredients Cashew Nuts, Ghee, Sugar. Best places to eat Kaju Katli in Delhi Halidram, Bengal Sweet House, Aggarwal Sweets. Picture credits 😦 Internet Source) (picture source: internet)

So what you waiting for just go and gorge on these indian sweets now !! 

5 Places to Have Waffles in Delhi 

“You should eat a waffle! You can’t be sad if you eat a waffle! ” – Lauren Myracle

In no particular order here are the places you can’t miss for some lovely crispy & soft waffles. 

  • WAFFLESOME : No doubt there is a long waiting but I am sure it will be worth it. Must Try Milk Chocolate, Nutella Waffles. Cost of single waffle with Ice Cream, ₹120 and double ₹220. (EGGLESS WAFFLES)
  • FLUFFLES: One of the most crispy and awesome waffles are served here. The shape of the waffles are quite different from the regular ones. Half cots ₹150 and full costs ₹250. Must try Nutella, Hershey Chocolate.(EGGLESS WAFFLES)
  • ANDREA’s EATERY  : This place has a huge section on desserts. The crispy and soft waffles is something which just can’t be missed ! Must try Waffles with butter, nutella & maple syrup & Soft Fluffy Pancakes. Cost is ₹ 325. (EGGLESS WAFFLES) 
  • DROOL WAFFLES : This another place which will satisfy your waffles cravings with tasty waffles. Must have Richie Rich, Nutella, Maple Syrup with Ice cream. Cost varies from ₹199 – ₹279. (EGGLESS WAFFLES). 
  • WENGER’s : This place is not unknown to any Delhiite I’m sure we all have visited this oldest bakery of Delhi several times. Must have Nutella,Maple Syrup & Butter. Cost varies from ₹120 – ₹220. (WITH EGG) 


10 Places to have Best Pizza 

“There’s no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box on your lap” – Kevin James 

For all those who love Pizza, here’s a list of my 10 personalfavorite places to gorge on some yummy Pizza’s In Delhi, in no particular order here is a list. 

  1. OWL IS WELL : Is one of the most famous delivery outlets in South Delhi, they are known for the yummy thin crust pizza, Must have is Biba Boys and Smoke & Mirrors 
  2. ROADHOUSE CAFE : If you want to have some Pizza Time, this is the place to be. They have some amazing range of Pizza to choose from, and best part is you can divide your Pizza into Half and Half depending on the flavors and toppings you like. They prepare own hand tossed dough. Must have Shrimp Divola and 4 Chicken Pizza.
  3. TWIGLY FOODS : Another delivery outlet which serve some pretty looking Pizzas at your door step at decent price. The pizza are delivered Hot and Fresh looking absolutely gorgeous. Must have Margarita & Pesto with cherry tomatoes & basil leaves.
  4. IMPERFECTO : Serving some yummy woodfire Pizza, with some Wine and beautiful ambiance, is what you can expect from this place. Must have Vegetarian Pizza & Rustic Chicken Pizza.
  5. TOO MIKKII TAPAS : If you want to have pizzas without having a deep hole in your pocket then this place is the, best. It has a yummy range of Pizzas to choose from. Must have Veggie Lot & Tandoori Chicken.
  6. CAFETERIA & CO : This place just loved by the university kids both in south campus & north campus. The unusual Hexizzas is something you  can’t miss without having a hole in your pocket. Must have Greek Chargrilled Hexizza. 
  7. ANDREA’S EATERY : Known for its wood wire pizza the place just can’t be missed after a shopping session in select city walk mall. Must have Bbq Chicken,Exotic Veg.
  8. PIZZA EXPRESS : The very famous Pizza Express just can’t be skipped when we talk about pizza’s. The place has a huge variety of pizzas. Must have Giardiniera.
  9. LA VIE : Located in the verg posh Khan Market, this some restaurant can’t go unnoticed. Must Have Overload shrooms.
  10. TIN TOWN CAFE : One of the rare places in Satya Niketan doing some amazing pizza’s at very pocket friendly price. Must have Bbq Chicken 

    Places like The Big Chill Cafe, Out of the box, & Instapizza  can’t be missed !