Tamra, at Shangri-La’s – Eros Hotel, New Delhi brings to its patrons an authentic Pan Asian food pop-up. With the culinary skills of Chef Lai Kuan Geo and Sous Chef Whangeen, the festival is geared up to bring authentic Pan-Asian flavours from the diverse parts of Asia to the heart of Delhi as a part of their festive offerings. Chef Kuan has travelled to multiple continents showcasing his artistic expertise and learning from the cultural diversity the countries have to offer. His dishes are inspired by the countries he has travelled to such as Cape Town, Kuala Lampur, Thailand, Mauritius, Istanbul and Vietnam.

The festival offers a unique experience made with centuries-old traditional cooking practices meant to bring together highest quality ingredients and a blend of spices and give the traditional holiday feast an Asian twist. IMG_4828 The buffet menu is a palate-pleasing combination of global flavours, which makes Pan-Asian food a delight to savor. Guests can indulge in dishes like Nyonya style sour prawn curry, Hainanese chicken rice, Lamb Rendang curry with roasted rice cake, Hanoi crispy crab spring roll with lemon grass chill jam,inched chicken salad, also No guilt desserts are also there among many others.  


About Chef Lai Kuan Geo: Born in a Chinese family in the melting pot culture in Malaysia, Chef Kuan’s inclination towards food is inspired by his parents who are connoisseurs for good food and were fond of cooking.

His mother’s big pot of fragrant coconut jasmine rice with savory spicy Nasi Lemak Chilli touched his heart and thereafter he began his journey as a chef. He started his culinary career with the Chinese Dining Room and the Prestige Private Club in Kuala Lumpur in 1988 and has an experience of almost 3 decades.IMG_4838

In 1992, he launched his first ever restaurant – L’orient, a South East Asian restaurant, which had set a fashionable food trend in his mother city.

He specializes in Nyonya cuisine, which is the result of blending Chinese ingredients with various distinct spices and cooking techniques.

His international stints include Executive Chef at Arabella Sheraton Grand Hotel in Cape Town, Executive Chef at Le Meridien Chian Rai in Kuala Lampur, Asian Specialist Consultant at Heritage Telfaor Resort in Mauritius, Principle Consultant at Fairmont Quasar in Instanbul. He has won multiple awards for his contribution to the culinary world and has been a Celebrity Chef Judge and host for TV productions in Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.

Chef Kuan has travelled the world that has enabled him to discover the beauty of food and ethnicity of different cultures. His biggest dream as a chef is to inspire people to value food and cooking from different perspectives. 


Dates:23rd December 2017 (Saturday) to 30th December 2017 (Saturday)​


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