Jasmine, Hotel Royal Plaza

I have always been someone who loves Pan Asian food. Recently I visited this restaurant Jasmine, located in Hotel Royal Plaza it is restaurant which is severing some delectable pan asian cuisine since a long time. The restaurant is located in the heart of Delhi i.e. central Delhi.

The place has a very alluring ambiance, I was unable to get my eyes of off the beautiful cutlery on which the food was served. The staff was quite soft and helpful in recommending the best dishes, the restaurant had.

The food :
I started with some CHICKEN DUMPLINGS, VEG DUMPLINGS, ASPARAGUS & CARROT SUSHI, LOTUS STEM IN HONEY CHILLI SAUCE & CHICKEN SALT & PEPPER. All the starters were done beautifully, the portions sizes were quite fulfilling and sufficient. I totally loved the dims and lotus seem highly recommend that to people. The dumplings were soft chewy and had a good filling inside

In the main course we tried KUNG PAO CHICKEN, GOLDEN FRIED CORN KERNELS WITH CASHEWS, CARROTS& ASPARAGUS IN BURNT GARLIC SAUCE, 5 TREASURE FRIED RICE & PAN FRIED NOODLES. We were quite satisfied with the main course. I loved the kung pass chicken & panfried noodles and recommend that. The chef followed our request of not making the food spicy which was quite satisfactory.

I ended the meal with the JASMINE HOMEMADE ICE CREAM, it was something which I can google down as many scoops as possible because it was so good that one just can’t miss it. An ice cream made of jaggery, coconut,its a perfect ending to greta meal.

Overall i had a great experience

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